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Rising sun ☀️ green top and bottoms set

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100% cotton super soft and comfy set, very stretchable and easy to wear. Cute sunrise design top with matching design elastic waist bottoms. Easy for everyday wear! 



3-6m: Bust 46 cm Length 31.5cm

6-9m: Bust 50 cm Length 33.5 cm 

9-12m : Bust 52 cm Length 34.5 cm

12-18m: Bust 54 cm Length 37 cm 

18-24m : Bust 56 cm Length 28 cm 



3-6m: Waist 38 cm Length 20 cm 

6-9m: Waist 40 cm Length 21 cm 

9-12m: Waist 44 cm Length 22 cm 

12-18m: Waist 46 cm Length 23 cm 

18-24m: Waist 50 cm Length 25 cm 

 All measurements before stretch, still very stretchable!