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Flower bloom blouse with embroidered pattern pants 🌺

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Gorgeous puff sleeve floral top with white embroidered pattern shorts. Elastic waist on bottoms for comfort. Beautiful set and can be mixed and matched with other items as well! ♥️ 



2-3 yrs: Bust 70 cm, Length 39 cm 

3-4 yrs: Bust 74 cm, Length 42 cm 

4-5yrs: Bust 78 cm, Length 45 cm 

6-7 yrs: Bust 82 cm, Length 48 cm 



2-3 yrs: Waist 42 cm, Length 26 cm 

3-4 yrs: Waist 44 cm, Length 27.2cm 

4-5 yrs: Waist 46 cm, Length 28.4cm 

6-7 yrs: Waist 48 cm, Length 29.6cm